Friday, December 16, 2005

You can’t be humble on your own terms.

Christmas is almost over – I mean, here! Only nine days to go and the pressures of the holiday season will be behind us. Unlike many, I don’t find the holiday depressing, but I do find it very tiring and when you’re tired the real you gets a chance to come out once in a while. No, I haven’t flown off the handle, not yet, but over the last couple of days I have had to remind myself not to.

You can’t be humble on your own terms. That’s a bit of wisdom the Lord laid on my heart a few years ago, just as I was about to be swept up into a lot of turmoil I could not avoid or control. Sometimes you think that if you are doing a lot for someone, you are fulfilling your end of the relationship – personal, professional, whatever – but maybe what you are doing isn’t really what they are wanting from you at all. You’re just doing a lot of what you want to do, burning yourself out and not getting back what you think you deserve. Sometimes when we feel unappreciated we just sit down and rob ourselves of the blessing of going that second mile.

Blog news: I have added a description to the blog and a little more profile info. Just the stats (I’ll get to the photo and interests when I have more time). Since adding my birth date, it now gives my astrological and Chinese zodiac signs. I’m not sure I like that. Beyond any religious or spiritual concerns, I have always found that stuff a bit flakey. Even the people I know who do enjoy that sort of thing would never expect me to add it to a profile.

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