Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well, its a start.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I have been a Christian since 1981, I have remained committed and I am happy with my church, but for the last couple of years or so I have felt as though I was on the edge of something more. I have no idea what. But writing has always been a good way for me to develop my thoughts and ideas. Hence the blog. I am calling it Christian Beta, because a beta program is one put out, before its a finished product, in order to work out the kinks and get everything operating smoothly.

I want a space in which to develop new areas in my walk. My purpose isn't evangelical. I am not doing this to influence others -- though feedback is always nice. Actually, at this point I am not a hundred per cent sure where this is going. I haven't formulated an agenda, set a focus, or whatever. Perhaps that'll come out of the process.

I do intend to focus primarily on my Christian walk, though it could detour into other interests. I hope to post at least two or three times a month (ideally, a lot more than that, but we'll see). Anyway, I expect to spend the next little while getting the hand of setting things up. I know its supposed to be easy, but I am a hands on learner when it comes to computers and at this point I am going in cold.

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Palladin said...

I applaud your idea. In some ways it is similar to my own starting of a blog. I live alone and the work of a youth minister is often one without adult interaction with great frequency. I would sit and watch the news, see my own demoniation take unBaptist stances, read or see something funny, and have no-one to share with. Through the blog at least I feel like I am getting things outside of myself.

I still must censor myself. I cannot mention the job transition that could be occurring. I can't share my struggles with people in my ministry.

I do have one suggestion, there is an option that places a series of letters in the comment posting feild that will keep spammers from hijacking your comments section. Use it and the comments will be from people only.