Friday, September 10, 2010

The Five Fold Ministry

I've just finished The House Church by Wolfgang Simson. An interesting book. He doesn't make a lot of jokes, but he does make this humorous analogy on p. 64:
For a hands-on picture, let us compare the fivefold ministry to the five fingers of the hand. The apostle is the thumb; he gives stability, holds the counterbalance, and can literally touch all the other fingers. The prophet is the index finger; he points at you and says, “You are the man (or woman)!” The evangelist the middle finger, the longest of all, sticking farthest out into the world. The ring finger resembles the pastor/shepherd, caring for internal relationships. The little finger is the teacher; he can worm his way deep into any ear, and there share the truth of the gospel.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Religiosity and Riches

Click on the image to see it in its entirety.

This was taken from a New York Times article, Religious Outlier, by Charles M. Blow. He is discussing a Gallup poll correlating religion and wealth.