Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good news from Iraq

Today two Canadian Christian aid workers were freed in Iraq. They had been kidnapped last November and at one point a deadline was given, after which they would be killed if the US and its allies didn't release all their prisoners in Iraq. That date passed and nothing was heard about them, until another member of their group, an American, was found dead. He hadn't been kidnapped at the same time, but a Brit who had been was also freed. The three were rescued by a joint US-UK military operation. Given their group's leftist leanings, that was probably not their preferred method, but I am sure their families are just glad they are alive and safe.

I don't know if this story would have peaked my interest if they weren't Canadians or if they weren't always being described as Christians. Apparently over 400 foreigners have been kidnaped and about 55 killed. About 43 are still being held. Still as both a Canadian and a Christian, I identified with these guys. I'm glad their stories have ended well.

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