Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let Your Light Shine

My Pastor likes to start off each year with a sermon that introduces a theme. Something that we'll come back to throughout the year. This year its "Light your world." The scripture reference is Matthew 5:14.

So, I'm thinking, how should I light my world? I am pretty sure that everyone I know is already aware that I am a committed Christian. First impressions are behind me. I guess, then, that its all about increasing the wattage. How to do that will be the year's project.

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Palladin said...

It can be easier than you think. Sometimes it is in just being open to the things, people, organizations, and things in your community. I find that the things we shine our light upon tend to be there waiting for the light. You have to have your light in constant movement.

A professor at Divinity School had the Bedotell rule of Christianity. We must BE the Gospel, We must DO the Gospel, and We must TELL the Gospel. When that happens, everything else falls into place.

Be open to the possibilities this year will offer.